Thank you for visiting our web site. We are located near Columbus, Ohio and raise  UKC Registered Blue Pitbulls. We specialize in 100%Razors Edge Blue pitbulls. Our dogs have very good temperments. They are short in height and very bully. We are committed to producing great blue pits at a very reasonable price.

At this time we have several breeding age females.  We have a new male which is a 100% Razors Edge Pocket Pit. Please see his photo on our male page. We have also added  100 % Razors Edge Females. We hope to have some nice 100 % puppies by the end of 2009.  

Take a look at our dogs and our puppies and thanks again for visiting our site.

Raven Blue Pits have a great line up of Blue Pitbulls. 100% Razors Edge Females and 90% Razors Edge Male Stud  Solid blue 100% Razors Edge male and females that will be ready to go in 2009. 











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